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Beyoncé Just Dropped New Song ‘Formation’ — and a New Video! [Watch Here]

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New Beyoncé Alert !!!!!

The song is called “Formation” and the video just dropped via Tidal. The song was produced by Mike Will Made-It.

Bey is Back! The song is set to make its live debut tomorrow night during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Get into the video below. Update: You can download the song for FREE via Tidal.

Update #2: Get into the song’s official cover art.



  1. I guess this album will sound like the last ????????????

  2. Eh. It’s kinda lame, honestly.

  3. The song isn’t all that, but she looks beautiful and shouts out to N.O.L.A. and RIP Messy Mya.

  4. I like it! And I feel like it was great to put this out during black history month as well. The video pretty much gives a nod to so many things things that embody or “form” the black culture whether we want to admit it or not.

  5. This song sounds like something she’s done before mixed with a ghetto beat. Congratulations Beyonce, you’ve finally shown your REAL SELF: GHETTO. Glad you’re embracing it and be glad that GHETTO is IN.

    Throw back onesy, same dancing, more bleach. Ghetto fab.

    • Jealousy is an ugly monster, so I guess that applies to u 2.

    • chocolate smitten

      hmm, I have a feeling that if Iggy Azalea did this, it wouldn’t be looked at as “Ghetto”

      • It would STILL be classified as ghetto and REDUNDANT. Stop making this about COLOR and maybe you won’t lose so much in life.

        • chocolate smitten

          I’m not making it about color, but some people wouldn’t see it as ghetto if Iggy did it and that’s just the truth. Now stop saying mean things and assuming you think this is Beyonce’s true self “which nothing is wrong with by the way”, and YOU won’t lose so much in life because you certainly don’t know anything about other people’s.

          • Thanks for outing yourself as a STAN so I wouldn’t have to do it AGAIN. In regards to your comment regarding “color,” I beg to differ. For people like YOU this is ALWAYS ABOUT RACE or COLOR and it’s PATHETIC. In regards to your comment about BEYONCE, I stand by MY ORIGINAL COMMENT.

            BEYONCE IS GHETTO and has shown this TIME and TIME ago over the years. I suggest YOU get over your delusional idea that she is some savvy or intelligent business woman as she is NOT. She’s a GHETTO broad who plays into the tried and true motto that not only does SEX SELL but, as I stated before, that GHETTO SELLS TOO. *Lucky for her.

      • If iggy made a song about primarily black things using sound clips of a disaster she can’t really relate to, it would be trashy. She’s garbage. Beyonce can work a song and a motive.

    • Charniqua Sheppard

      Why is it that anything black culture is attached to is preseive as ghetto or ratchet as a black female who grew up with a plastic spoon in her mouth I must admit I’m proud of the culture I’m from I’m proud of the style that we bring to the table because that’s the same style that inspired Macklemore now maybe if you would’ve replaced them with blacks maybe singing about shopping at thrift stores and bragging about having only 20 dollars in your pocket and prancing around in big fur coats would’ve just been a little ghetto too…. The problem isn’t US it’s your unwillingness to let US be US we are looked at with a fine tooth comb and have negative black lash about everything. we are a society that possesses a culture and have modern day rituals and speak with a dialect that meets our needs if you don’t understand it that doesn’t mean Hate it ir speak negatively about it just become more in depth with yours and try to fix certain issues that just won’t allow you think positively or be respectful to others decisions.

  6. Meh the song is just meh….

  7. i loved it.

  8. darealQueenNefertiti

    Yessss bey go back to your roots!!! Love it honey.. Snatch!!

  9. don’t like it…

  10. So Beyonce likes to make conversation pieces and art collages for music . . .

  11. Louis Amadeo Mariano

    the song is very angry and hard….. not feeling it…
    whats the matter girl your husband got you twisted?
    this aint gonna get played on the radio !

  12. bought nose, skin bleached, blonde hairwave..stop lying bey. u dont like yourself.

    • Her skin isn’t bleached ..She’s creole, look at her mom, narrow nose, lighter skin, euro features … Nice try though

  13. Queen Bey just shitted on all the hater yes yes yes

  14. Worst then girls run the world. evidently not… SMH!

  15. The Funny Thing Is Beyonce Is Not From The Ghetto Lol She Grew Up Quite Privleged Her Dad Was Quite The Buisness Man With A 6 Figure Salary/Job. Its Music An Entertainment For Some. The Negative Comments Is Not Stopping Her Money Flow! People Clearly Have Diffriculty Differating Ficton From Her Reality Its A Song / Video. There Are A Lot Of Crappy Songs / Videos From. A Multitude Of Entertainers Of All Race’s. But Opinions Are Like Assholes Everyone Has One. ?

  16. I love the video, but absolutely hate the song.

  17. I drink hot sauce out the bottle….

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