Music Tyga Offers An Apology To The Mexican-American Community For The ‘Ay Caramba’ Video

Tyga came under fire earlier this month for his “Ay Caramba” video, with some in the Mexican community taking offence to the video’s stereotypical imagery.

via: Uproxx

Specifically, members of the Mexican-American community took issue with the “racist caricatures,” as the “Rack City” artist is shown wearing a fat suit while eating chips and guacamole. While many artists might have opted to ignore the backlash and keep it moving, fortunately, the rapper took the time to sit down with the Power 106 Los Angeles and Gil from the American Cholo podcast to apologize.

Tyga first expressed his sympathy, saying “I had no intentions of offending anybody… I want to apologize to the Mexican community, and my fans that are Mexican.” He then went on to tell Gil and the LA Leakers team he was initially confused because his true vision for the video was a spoof of Nutty Professor starring Eddie Murphy.

“I was really just confused, I wasn’t making this video to be offensive, I was really making this video to be creative. The whole concept of the video was just different Latin things, it wasn’t like a Mexican-themed video. The character is just me in a fat suit, the character is not even Mexican. This character was literally a reference from … Nutty Professor. There’s a scene from Nutty Professor where he has the same kind of sweat suit on.”

Gil asked the 32-year-old if he would be willing to take the video down, which Tyga said he would be open to but would need to think further. The damage is already done, but perhaps there is some room for reconciliation in the near future.

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