More to the Story? Wendell Pierce Says Bernie Sanders Supporters Put Hands on Him First [Photo]


Wendell Pierce was arrested over the weekend for battery after he allegedly hit a Bernie Sanders supporter in the head following a heated discussion about politics.

According to the police report, he says that he wasn’t the aggressor in the situation and that he was attacked first.

via TMZ:

According to docs obtained by TMZ … police say Pierce and his girlfriend started talking politics with three people in the hallway of their Atlanta hotel. As we’ve reported — Pierce backs Hillary Clinton and the alleged victim is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Pierce’s side of the story is he followed the Bernie fan and her friends to their room as they argued about Clinton and Sanders — but stayed outside the room. He claims they tried to pull him into the room … as he tried to run away.

The alleged victim has a more brutal memory of what happened. She says when Pierce followed, he stuck his arm in the door and tried to enter her hotel room. She claims when they tried to push him out, Pierce grabbed her hoodie and ripped it so hard it came off.

Pierce was booked for simple battery.

We’re not sure who to believe — but we have a strong feeling alcohol and miscommunication were involved.

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