More Details: Man Who Killed Christina Grimmie Was a Deranged Fan


More details surrounding the tragic murder of singer Christina Grimmie  are surfacing this morning.

Last night, Christina was shot and killed during a meet-and-greet with fans after a show in Orlando.

According to are reports, she did not know her murderer — he was a crazed fan who drove to Orlando specifically to kill her.

via TMZ:

Police confirmed the story TMZ broke — there is no apparent connection between Grimmie and the killer.  He showed up to her concert Friday night with 2 handguns, 2 loaded magazines and a large hunting knife.  There were no metal detectors at the venue.

Cops say the man is 21-years-old and as far as they know never tried to get in touch with Christina on social media.  He traveled from another city in Florida and apparently felt he could get away with it because he had plans to return home.

Christina was gunned down after the concert, during a meet-and-greet with around 120 people.

Police officials say they believe the murderer was not accidentally shot during a struggle with Christina’s brother.  They believe he killed himself.

This whole situation is truly shocking.

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