Moment Two People Swallowed Into Ground As Sidewalk Collapses Captured on Video

Within seconds, the pedestrians and pavement disappear.

Two people were swallowed into the ground after the pavement they were walking on collapsed in southern China on Monday.

Security video near a bridge in the Wulong District of Chongqing shows the shocking moment the two pedestrians find themselves plummeting downward as the sidewalk crumbles under their feet in mere seconds.

A few moments later, bystanders ran out from a store across the street to investigate.

Another video shows a close up of the fallen sidewalk as people can be heard shouting in the background.

With the help of firefighters, the pair were rescued and taken to a local hospital, according to news reports.

The woman reportedly suffered injuries after her foot was crushed by a stone while the man had head wounds.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

[via TooFab]

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