Mom-of-Two Recorded Moment She Was Deliberately Killed Filming Rap Video Kidnap Scene

She was holding the camera when she was shot in the face.

A 23-year-old mother-of-two filmed the moment she was deliberately shot dead while recording a music video, police in Florida have claimed.

Haley Cox was recording a kidnapping scene for a rap song on Monday when she was fatally struck by a bullet. Investigators say it was no accident.

Cox’s 22-year-old boyfriend Erik Bronowski was also seriously wounded, having been shot in the chest and thigh.

Hillsborough County Sheriffs have the footage, which showed enough to charge 20-year old Jordan Jaime Silver with second-degree murder, and attempted first-degree murder; but what they do not have is a motive.

According to court documents obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, the music video was for aspiring rapper Giovinie Bosques; all four made their way to a power line easement in Riverview, equipped with a camera and water bottles filled with fake blood for the shoot.

“Mr. Bosques advised the rap video was based on a staged kidnapping of himself, and all parties involved were aware the video was theatrical in nature,” the report says. “Mr. Bosques advised there was never a mention of shooting anyone.”

Detectives said Silver can be seen holding a gun in the video; towards the end he began acting “erratically”, with Bosques even telling him to calm down.

Both Bosques and Bronowski told police afterward that Silver had been pacing and hiding behind bushes for no reason while they were attempting to film.

Police say the video shows the two begin applying the fake blood on Bosques, while Cox, holding the camera, can be heard asking how she should hold it. That’s when a single shot rings out, and the camera falls to the ground.

Bosques can then reportedly be seen picking up the camera and beginning to run, asking Silver “Why’d you do that?”

“I don’t know,” Silver allegedly replies. “We gotta go.”

Still holding the camera, police says Bosques stops running and asks again “Why’d you do that?”, before the two start arguing.

Then, three more shots ring out. Bosques shouts “No!” multiple times and appears to drop the camera, according to the report.

Bosques told police he and Bronowski had fled toward the car, which is when Silver shot Cox’s boyfriend. Bosques then ran to a nearby neighborhood, knocking on doors to try get someone to call the police.

Separate security footage from one of the homes shows Bosques doing so, before Silver, shirtless and breathless, comes up behind him and says something about getting into the car. Bosques tells him the police are coming, and Silver flees.

Deputies found Silver hiding under a cooking grill in the backyard of a nearby home. Bronowski was found with bullet wounds to his chest and thigh, still clutching a bandanna and the bottle of fake blood.

Cox was found dead, having been shot in the face, through her cheek.

Afterwards, detectives said Silver denied knowing anyone in the video, and said he was just paid $30 to help film it.

He also denied shooting anyone, despite the video evidence and both Bosques and Bronowski’s testimonies.

Police are still unsure of the motive, if any. Bronowski told them he had only met Silver for the first time that morning.

Silver remains in prison, his bond set at $502,000.

Cox is survived by her two young children: Violet, four, and Barrett, three.

A GoFundMe was set up by family members to raise money for funeral expenses, as well the care of the children.

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