Minka Kelly Reportedly Getting 'Very Serious' with Trevor Noah in New Relationship

According to one media source, the couple has been quarantining together in Noah’s Manhattan apartment.

One side effect of life in the Covid-era is that it’s a lot easier for celebrities to keep things on the down-low. That’s apparently exactly what’s been going on with Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah.

According to various media outlets, the pair are actually a couple and have been for “several months,” according to E! News. In fact, E! took it a step further, with a source telling them that Kelly and Noah are actually living together.

For approximately six months, Noah has been filming and producing “The Daily Show” from his Manhattan apartment. According to the outlet, the show hasn’t been the only thing going on at Noah’s place.

They say that she’s been living with him there for a while now, with People suggesting that “it’s a very serious relationship.”

Kelly was last romantically involved with “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams, dating for several months before cutting things off in January 2018.

As for Noah, the notoriously private Comedy Central host was last known to be dating Jordyn Taylor back in 2017; with People adding that it is unknown when they broke up.

Helping them keep this apparent new situation on the down-low — albeit perhaps untintentionally — is the fact that both of them have not only been very private about their personal lives, but they’ve been using these quarantine times to spotlight more serious issues.

Noah has found a whole new groove and energy on an expanded “Daily Show,” with scathing attacks on the government responses to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

While Kelly doesn’t enjoy a daily show to show her support, her social media use has been sparse, with spotlights on upcoming projects, masks and Black Lives Matter protests, including a recent lengthy post about the shooting of Jacob Blake, and another in honor of Breonna Taylor’s birthday.

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