Behind the Scenes: Miley Cyrus Sexes It Up w/ Racy Spread For V Magazine & ELLE UK [Photos + Video]


Miley Cyrus is showing us once again, that she is fierce and fab! Miley opens up about love, life, and music in ELLE UK’s June issue and the current summer issue of V Magazine. Each feature definitely shows a different side of Miley, and highlights her versatile beauty. The singer/actress is more risque and hardcore in the V Mag feature, while the ELLE UK feature shows a softer more feminine side of Miley.

In V Magazine, Miley and super-producer Pharrell Williams discuss their close business and personal relationship.

Checkout a few excerpts…

Miley on Pharell… Pharrell was the first person I wanted to work with. I had so many different producers and managers and all of these people coming to my house because I didn’t know where I wanted to start… Then I met Pharrell, and it was the first time I was in the studio just being really free. Pharrell opened that door. At the end of the day, it’s what me and P are making… I’ve never been more thankful for someone in my life. It’s just crazy. It’s been almost a year since we started, and my life has been completely different.

Pharrell on Miley… I watch [her] growth. It’s like a growth chart. This is very important to me, because this is my little sis. You stick with your own. You’re there for your type. And that’s my type. I feel a responsibility to our relationship and everything that we’ve become. You’re just never going to meet a nicer person that’s this fucking on it.

Miley on how Pharrell has influenced her Style… My accountant doesn’t love Pharrell like I do. Because he introduced me to some vintage shit in Miami that’s crazy. I’ve always been different in how I dress, but Pharrell and especially Helen—because when Pharrell would be editing we would just go on the computer and shop—they helped me understand how I could express myself through how I dress.

Pharrell on Miley’s Style… It’s been great to watch her style evolve, because she’s always had that in her. The Comme des Garçons, the Chanels of the world—you can tell a lot of people about that shit, but they may not pick it up right. Whereas with her, it’s like, This speaks to me. Because this is how I feel right now. It’s not like, I’ve got a lot of money! Let me buy everything in the store! With her, it’s an honor to watch it. It’s a privilege. She dives in. What you’re seeing is the manifestation of her personality. It’s just like the music.

Enjoy behind-the-scenes videos and pics from both features…

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