Mike Epps Denies Being Homophobic After Gay Fan Claims He Refused to Take a Picture [Video]


Mike Epps is responding to claims that he’s homophobic after allegedly refusing to take a picture with a gay fan.

According to Norman Freeman, here’s what went down:

I was in the crowd about me being a man, I thought it was so funny, and being that I do comedy as well I took no offense to it, Until the end of the show I went to take a picture with him and he denied me because of my sexuality!

Here’s video taken by Norman during the alleged altercation.

Mike took to Instagram to say that he’s in no way homophobic.

I have one thing to say I have been in the biz for 20 plus years and I never been a homophobic guy I provide comedy for white black hispanics gay lesbian everybody sorry.

We don’t know what exactly happened, but how do you expect someone to respond to you after shouting that they have a ‘little ass dick’?

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