Mike Epps Accused of Stealing 'Social Media Awards' TV Show for BET

Mike Epps is being accused of stealing a new TV show that’s set to air on BET next year.

via TMZ:

Calvin Valrie, LaMichael Finney and Bervick J. Deculus have lawyered up and fired off a cease and desist letter, claiming the show Mike’s executive producing — “Social Awards,” which is scheduled to run on BET in February — is exactly what it sounds like … an awards ceremony that honors outstanding work among social influencers.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the producers claim back in February they pitched an eerily similar show called “Social Media Awards” to Epp’s cousin, hoping to get Mike on board. We’re told the producers never heard back from Epps and were blindsided a few weeks ago when BET announced it green-lit “Social Awards.”

The producers tell us they’re still willing to work with Epps, but they have designs on selling it to FOX.  The 3 guys have given Mike an ultimatum — capitulate by Friday, or else. It’s highly unlikely Mike would try and undo the BET deal.

Do you think Mike’s out here stealing shows?

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