The Microphone Cardi B Threw At A Fan In Las Vegas Is Now Up For Auction On eBay

The microphone Cardi B was seen tossing into a crowd during a Las Vegas performance over the weekend is being auctioned off for charity.

via: Uproxx

TMZ confirmed the authenticity of the eBay listing, which is currently up to over $50K. The listing reads:

“This is the Shure microphone shown in all the viral videos that Cardi B threw at a person in the crown at Drais Beach Club on July 29th 2023. There are literally tons of links to videos all over the internet. You can see in the videos the white tape across the bottom. My name is Scott and I am the owner of The Wave. The Wave is an audio company and we provide audio support to many of the major nightclubs in Las Vegas including Drais. We have been a vendor for Drais since the day they opened at the Cromwell Hotel. We provided more than one microphone for this particular show and verified with the in house crew which one was specifically used by Cardi for the show. It was pretty easy to identify though as her mic was marked ‘main’. This is the mic that has been seen all over the country flying into the crowd after Cardi was splashed with some liquid. The mic still works as I tested it when it came back to the audio shop this afternoon (July 31). If you ever wanted to use it you would still need a receiver which is not part of the auction. I will also include a letter stating this is the actual microphone shown in all the videos being shown nationwide.”

It also notes, “I was encouraged to sell the mic but decided I would try to do something good. 100% of the profit from the sale of this mic will be evenly split among 2 charities. The first charity is a local Las Vegas charity called Friendship Circle Las Vegas. The friendship circle is an organization that has teens and young adults volunteers helping children, teens and other young adults with special needs. The 2nd charity is Wounded Warrior Project. Wounded Warrior project helps to bring independence back to our most severely wounded veterans. While I did not serve, my father served in the USAF and my son in law served in the USMC.”

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