Michelle Money Tears Up As She Says She's Taking a Social Media Break While Daughter Remains in ICU [Video]

“This is not my story to tell. This is her story,” Money said through tears. “It does not feel in alignment for me to be sharing anymore.”

Michelle Money says she’s taking a break from social media as her 15-year-old daughter recovers from a tragic skateboarding accident in the ICU.

After weeks of posting daily updates on Brielle’s condition, “The Bachelor” alum shared an emotional Instagram video on Friday explaining that she’s going to step away from social media to respect her daughter’s privacy and fully dedicate herself to her recovery. In the clip, Money, 39, broke down as she thanked her followers for their support.

“Hey, you guys. I am so grateful, I am so grateful for you guys,” Money said through tears. “I’m so grateful for all of the prayers and I’m so grateful for all of the prayers and all of the support and all of the amazing, amazing friends and family and strangers who have followed and supported and prayed for my daughter. Your prayers and your energy and your concern for her. We’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever be forgotten because I truly believe that it really helped Brielle to overcome where she’s been.”

“As her mom, I just feel this overwhelming need to just be present with her during this next chapter in her life,” she continued. “This is not my story to tell. This is her story. And I think as a 15-year-old who has just gone through something so traumatic, it does not feel in alignment for me to be sharing anymore. I can tell you that she is going to be okay.”

The former reality star said she’s going to take some time off from social media to be “100 percent present” with Brielle, explaining that it “does not feel right” to be opening up publicly about “this chapter” of her daughter’s life.

“I have to be a mom. I have be a mom, like a strong mom right now,” Money continued through sobs. “And so I’m sharing this video to tell you thank you and here to tell you that I’m taking a break from social media and that if Brielle wants to share this story with you, she will do it when she wants to do it. I am committed and grateful and privileged to be dedicating every ounce of my energy to her right now.”

“It’s time for me to be a mom, like every energy of me just thrown into Brielle so I’m taking a break guys and I will be back if Brielle wants me to share what her progress is, if she feels comfortable with that then I will do that,” she concluded. “But I need you guys to know she is going to be okay. She’s going to be fine. We are going to get through this. She is going to be 100% healed. I feel so strongly about that…I will be back when I feel like being back. Just know the update is she is going to be 100% totally fine. That’s the update.”

Money reiterated her thoughts in the post’s caption. “Please watch this entire video. I need you guys to know how grateful I am for each and every one of you,” she wrote. “I need to take a break from social media to allow myself to be fully in tune with my daughter and her needs. She is going to be just fine! We are going to get thru this! I just feel strongly that I need to honor Brielle and her privacy right now. When and if she wants to share her powerful story- she will. And I will be there to support her either way. Love you all so much! #BrielleStrong”

The Utah native’s post came just a few hours after she revealed her daughter had her breathing tube removed and is being weaned off some of her medication.

“Guess who got extubated today? Brie,” Money shared on her Instagram Story. “You guys, she’s got her neck brace off. She’s off the ventilator… She’s on a lot of morphine, but she is a fighter. She’s moving.”

Money also posted a photo of Brielle’s hair surrounded by bloody gauze, explaining that she had cleaned it for the first time since the accident.

“Spent the night working through her hair. It was so bitter sweet,” she wrote alongside the pic. “Five hours of combing through blood, EEG glue, matted hair and snarls from 12 days of laying on this bed.”

The television personality has kept her followers updated ever since Brielle’s skateboarding accident last month, describing the incident as “the worst experience” of her life.

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