Michael Jackson's Former Doctor Hints He's the Father of Michael's Eldest Son [Photos]


Why can’t we just let this man rest in peace?

Though Michael Jackson claimed he fathered all three of his children, there have always been rumors that he used a sperm donor.

Now, the late pop star’s former dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, appears to be hinting that he’s the biological father of Jackson’s 15-year-old son, Prince Michael.

TMZ reports that Klein posted a “cryptic photo” on his Facebook page on Jan. 17, showing a side-by-side comparison of Prince Michael and Klein when he was younger, and wrote “hmmmmm.”

The resemblance between Klein and Prince Michael is almost uncanny, and if that’s not a hint of admission, we don’t know what is — but we’re torn since Klein went on record denying that he wasn’t the father. Shortly after Jackson’s death, Klein told Diane Sawyer in a “Good Morning America” interview:

“To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children. I can’t answer it in any other way. I don’t want to feed any of this insanity that is going around.”

Klein was rumored to have fathered Jackson’s eldest son and his daughter Paris, because Jackson met his ex-wife Debbie Rowe (who would give birth to his two oldest children) when she worked for Klein at his office.

The paternity of Jackson’s youngest child Blanket has also been a mystery, as he was born by an anonymous surrogate in 2002, and in April 2012 the singer’s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes publicly announced that he was the boy’s biological father, but his claims have not been confirmed.

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