Metro Boomin Roasts 21 Savage For Telling 'Lie' In Shannon Sharpe Interview [Video] |

Metro Boomin Roasts 21 Savage For Telling ‘Lie’ In Shannon Sharpe Interview [Video]

Metro Boomin has mocked 21 Savage for telling a ‘lie’ about his spelling bee success in fifth grade during an interview with Shannon Sharpe.

via: Uproxx

Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay is quickly becoming a go-to for hot takes and outrageous breakouts in the wake of its incendiary Katt Williams interview a few weeks ago. However, unlike Katt, Shay’s latest guest, 21 Savage, faced at least one challenge to one of his dubious claims from the peanut gallery. In fact, his own frequent collaborator, Metro Boomin, was the one to call him out, joking that “n****s sit on his couch and just feel like they can say anything. Look at this n**** just looking for a lie to tell.”

Fortunately for Savage and Metro’s continued working relationship, his “lie” appeared to be from the “little white” variety, as 21 boasted he won a spelling bee in fifth grade thanks to the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Metro extended his roast with a caption reading, “You probably read 3000 books a year too huh @21savage.” 21 has admitted that his often violent lyrical narratives are exaggerations for literary effect, but it looks like Metro won’t let spelling be stolen valor fly.

Of course, lots of rappers might start changing their tunes to promote academic accomplishments over street crime drama soon enough, with various courts using rap lyrics as evidence to support prosecutions. Savage, who just wrapped up his own long battle with the law, is probably not too keen on starting anymore at this point. And with Jay-Z recently also bragging about his academic achievements, this could be one trend in hip-hop that we’d all like to see continue.

You can check out 21 Savage’s full Club Shay Shay interview below.

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