Meryl Streep Drinks Cocktails in Her Bathrobe to Sing in Celebration of Sondheim [Video]

Bathrobes and cocktails for quarantine? Groundbreaking.

Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald took the internet by storm on Sunday night as they celebrated Stephen Sondheim’s 90th birthday by drinking cocktails in bathrobes.

During a star-studded online livestream Sunday night, which was put on to raise money for Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP) amid the coronavirus pandemic, the dynamic trio joined a wide variety of performers via Zoom to honor the Broadway composer on his special day.

While many stars simply performed Sondheim’s hits from their homes, Streep, 70, Baranski, 67, and McDonald, 48, took it to the next level — and brought us all an iconic, memeworthy moment.

As they sang Sondheim’s tune “The Ladies Who Lunch” from the musical “Company” from their prospective homes, each actress rocked a bathrobe and had a fun beverage of their choice in hand. While Baranski sipped a hearty glass of red wine and McDonald had a glass of bourbon, Streep, on the other hand, shook up a martini, drank most of it, and took a giant swig of Scotch all during the five-minute song.

The ladies ended the performance by toasting the camera with their cocktails and giving birthday shoutouts to Sondheim. Watch it all go down around 1:58:30 in the clip, above.

Unsurprisingly, the amazing moment had Twitter buzzing as people couldn’t get enough of their performance, especially their wardrobe and alcohol choices as they isolate at home.

“THIS IS OUR AVENGERS ENDGAME,” a fan tweeted, poking fun at the Marvel film.

“Meryl Streep, Audra MacDonald and Christine Barnaski singing Sondheim over Zoom in their bathrobes is, and I can not stress this enough, the ultimate mood,” another added.

“when i say seeing meryl streep drinking martini is the best thing to happen since this quarantine started is an UNDERSTATEMENT,” a user wrote, while another person simply tweeted, “#Lockdown2020.”

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