Mel B's Ex, Stephen Belafonte, Wants Full Custody of Their Daughter

Mel B’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, is asking the court to grant him full physical and legal custody of the pair’s 8-year-old daughter, Madison.

He claims the Spice Girl has basically abandoned their daughter since moving to the UK.

via TMZ:

Mel’s ex claims he’s been the sole caregiver of Madison for the majority of 2018 and much of 2019. He says Mel’s ensconced in England and absent from Madison’s life. Stephen also wants Mel to have access to Madison but only in L.A. and only supervised visitation.Getty

As we reported … Stephen — who has had custody issues with Mel since settling their heated divorce — got a judge last December to block Mel from taking their daughter to the UK for the holidays. At the time … he claimed Madison was afraid Mel would hurt her. He also claimed Mel’s asking their daughter for dirt on him.

Stephen claims he doesn’t want to subject Madison to Mel’s alleged verbal and psychological abuse. He claims he couldn’t get a hold of Mel for days last Thanksgiving and when Mel’s nanny dropped off Madison with Stephen, Madison told him “her mother would make her sit in a dark room and repeatedly question her over and over and demand answers from her.”

Stephen claims this is why Madison “also told me that she was afraid her mother would hurt her.” Moving forward, Stephen wants to make all parental decisions (medical care, schooling, etc.) when it comes to their daughter.

The judge has yet to sign off on Stephen’s request.

Their divorce has been so messy and so many things have been said, we honestly don’t know who to side with.

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