Mel B's Ex Stephen Belafonte Demands a Cut of Spice Girls Reunion Tour Money

Stephen Belafonte wants more than the $5,000/month he’s receiving in child support from Mel B — especially now that she just came off of a Spice Girls reunion tour.

via TMZ:

Stephen says Mel alone, by her own admission in court records, made around $2.4 million.

We broke the story … all the singers stood to make upwards of $3 million each by getting together again on the road. Scary Spice’s payday was a little short of that, but still enough for Stephen to come a-knockin’.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Stephen claims Mel has tried to skirt including that dough as part of her regular income. He says, instead, she reported it as a one-time sum. Stephen’s calling BS and wants some of that income increase should translate to a child support boost to $17,394 per month. He’s also demanding she cover his attorney’s fee.

Of course, Mel and Stephen already settled their divorce with agreed-upon payments and a custody schedule, but they’re going back to court next month to hash this one out.


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