Megyn Kelly Is Demanding $10 Million to Sign a Confidentiality Agreement with NBC

Megyn Kelly reportedly told NBC she won’t divulge all of the network’s secrets — if they pay her $10 million.

via TMZ:

Sources familiar with the negotiations tell TMZ … NBC offered Kelly $38 million, which the network says represents the balance owed on her contract. As we reported, Megyn was pulling in around $25 mil a year and she was one year and some change into the 3-year deal.

We’re told NBC attached a pretty standard string … a confidentiality agreement. Her lawyer said his client would sign on the dotted line … for an additional $10 million. We’re told NBC told the attorney to pound sand.

NBC definitely has cause for concern … Kelly wrote a book, “Settle for More,” in which she targeted Fox News Channel, and she has been critical of the network since her exit.

We’re told settlement negotiations are ongoing. 

So, a racist gets fired and gets to demand $10 million for keeping everyone else’s potentially racist secrets quiet? To be white in America….

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