Meghan McCain Snaps at Joy Behar on The View: Don't Be So 'Snippy with Me' [Video]

“She’s still talking,” Behar said of McCain, prompting quite the reaction from her cohost.

For the second time this week, Joy Behar and “The View” cohost Meghan McCain had a tense moment that nearly prompted another intervention from Whoopi Goldberg.

On Thursday morning, the first topic of the day was photos posted by both Donald and Ivanka Trump with Goya products, after the company’s CEO sparked backlash and boycotts from liberals when he showed support for POTUS.

“Millions of people are losing their jobs, hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead and dying, Florida’s running out of hospital beds and he’s posing with a can of beans,” Behar said of the president’s photo-op. “I’d like to know who thinks Princess Ivanka goes shopping and buys Goya products, get over yourself.”

Behar went on to call boycotts “important” and “extremely, extremely effective.”

McCain warned against a boycott, concerned about how it would affect workers for the companies. “I think when executives do things and say things, you don’t think about the bottom line worker and, Joy, you just said people are out of jobs,” she explained, “I don’t want anyone else out of a job and I certainly don’t want anyone at the Goya company to lose their job over this.”

When Joy tried to interject, McCain said, “I’m still talking Joy” — before calling Ivanka’s photo a “creepy” misfire that looked like it came straight out of “Get Out.”

As Whoopi interjected, saying, “You know why,” Behar mocked McCain’s earlier comment — saying, “She’s still talking, Whoopi!” with a laugh. McCain, however, didn’t find it funny.

“Joy, you don’t have to be so snippy with me today, you really don’t” said Meghan, as Joy once again said, “She’s still talking.”

“I’m talking because I’m paid to talk and it’s my job and that’s what I’m doing, my job,” McCain shot back. “And if you have a problem with it, I don’t have to come to work today.”

As she shook her head in disbelief and rolled her eyes, Goldberg looked ready to break things up, before Joy just kept on talking like nothing happened. McCain shook her head and rolled her eyes again after Sunny Hostin said she’d like to also add to the conversation.

McCain and Behar faced off earlier this week on the show after Joy criticized all Republican politicians hoping to send children back to school during a pandemic — saying they don’t care about kids’ safety and education. McCain took issue with her blanket statement, leading to another heated back and forth requiring Whoopi’s intervention.

After the tiff, however, both took to Twitter to say they love battling each other on the show.

“I live to spar in a political debate and there’s no stronger partner than @JoyVBehar, and nobody I’d rather trend on @Twitter with,” wrote McCain. Added Behar, “We love it.”

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