Megan Thee Stallion Is Mad At Journalists For ‘Gaslighting’ Her And ‘Dismissing’ Elements Of Her Getting Shot [Photos]

Ever since the July 2020 incident in which Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot after an argument, the two have used social media, songs and even (in Lanez’s case) a full album to air their differing sides of the story.

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Yesterday, a preliminary hearing was held in regard to the charges Tory Lanez faces for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. Now, a day later, Megan is taking exception to some media coverage of the proceedings, accusing “blogs/journalists” of “gaslighting” her and “dismissing that I was attacked with a [WEAPON] WHILE I WAS UNARMED.”

The rapper wrote on Twitter today, “Don’t blogs/ journalists have to have accurate/ credible sources before going with a story ? Or is it just like a new I got paid to post this or I heard out from my home girl type policy these days.” She added in another tweet a few minutes later, “Like I’ve been SHOT and the focus of some these headlines are dismissing that I was attacked with a WEPON WHILE I WAS UNARMED and trying to paint it as a cat fight between friends why do I have to relive this with everyone on the internet every day ? And watch y’all gaslight me.”

Based on the timing of Meg’s tweets, it appears she may be referencing a post that TMZ shared this morning. They reported that in Lanez’s preliminary hearing yesterday, “an independent witness told cops they saw Megan Thee Stallion and her female friend, Kelsey, fighting just moments before Meg was shot in the foot… a piece of evidence Tory Lanez’s team feels cast serious doubt on what Meg said about him being the shooter.”

After Megan’s tweets, TMZ updated their post to add:

“Megan’s got big issues with what the independent witness told police about her arguing with Kelsey … and she makes a good point. Megan just tweeted, ‘I’ve been shot and the focus of some these headlines are dismissing that I was attacked with a weapon while I was unarmed and trying to paint it as a cat fight between friends.’

Fact is … even if there was a dispute with Kelsey inside the SUV, we know Megan was shot while she was standing outside the vehicle. Megan’s openly said she got out of the car because she didn’t want to argue anymore … which makes the dispute almost irrelevant to the moment the trigger was pulled.”

Aside from this situation, things have been good for Meg lately: In just the past few days, she graduated from college, won a humanitarian award, and was named TikTok’s top artist of 2021.

It was unclear which media outlets she was referring to, but we are sending love to Meg.

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