Megan Thee Stallion And Big Sean Are Being Sued For Copyright Infringement [Video]

Nearly two years after teaming up with 2 Chainz on the collaborative single “Go Crazy,” Megan Thee Stallion and Big Sean are being sued for copyright infringement. 1501 Certified Entertainment, 300 Entertainment, and Universal Music Publishing are also named in the suit.

via: Uproxx

A Detroit rap duo is accusing Megan Thee Stallion of copyright infringement, claiming that a song from her 2020 debut Good News copies major elements of their own 2012, including its chorus, tempo, and tune. According to Complex, which acquired the court documents after rumors sprang up about the lawsuit on gossip blogs earlier this week, the lawsuit was filed by Duawn Payne and Harrell James, who go by Go Hard Major and H-Matic, and compares Megan’s track “Go Crazy” with their own song “Go Crazy.”

The lawsuit also names Big Sean, a featured artist on “Go Crazy,” as well as 1501 Certified Entertainment, 300 Entertainment, and Universal Music Publishing. Oddly enough, though, Complex notes that 2 Chainz, who also features on the song, is not named.

Go Hard Major and H-Matic say they performed their song at multiple nightclubs in Detroit, Big Sean’s hometown, that he would have frequented. They also claim they’ve sold “thousands” of physical copies of the track on CD, creating plenty of opportunities for Sean to access the track. They’re seeking unspecified damages for copyright infringement and say they’ve sent cease and desist letters to both Megan and Sean.

Here’s the original “Go Crazy,” which you can compare to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Go Crazy” below:

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