Meet Angela White: 'Blac Chyna' Reveals Her New Chapter [Video]

Angela White who’s best known, to this point, as Blac Chyna is turning over a new leaf to set a good example for her little ones, and it’s obvious the changes are way more than just cosmetic.

via: Forbes

Angela White who’s commonly known as Blac Chyna joined Forbes Talks in an exclusive interview sharing how much she made on her now deactivated OnlyFans account and what influenced her to reverse her surgeries.

In recent weeks White began documenting her surgery and filler removal on Instagram which received an overwhelming amount of support that the model wasn’t expecting.

In this video, White spoke with Forbes reporter Rosemarie Miller about her life before becoming ‘Blac Chyna,’ her rocky relationship with her mother and what’s next.

Angela also spoke with TMZ Live; She says her kids were a big reason for the change, and also … she was just “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Angela says the turnaround started for her when she was Baptized last year on her birthday — something that’s helped her find peace in every aspect of her life.

Case in point, Angela says even her once bitter and litigious relationship with Rob Kardashian is much smoother now, as they happily share custody of 6-year-old Dream. She added there’s no bad blood with the Kardashian clan as a whole.

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