Meek Mill Reacts to Capitol Rioters Receiving Preferential Treatment After Their Arrests [Photo]

Meek Mill has thoughts on the preferential treatment some Capitol rioters have received since their arrests.

via: Uproxx

Wednesday will mark two weeks since a failed MAGA coup saw people storm Capitol Hill in an attempt to undo Donald Trump’s election loss to Joe Biden and, according to some reports, cause harm to government leaders. According to Forbes, the FBI says it has identified more than 200 suspects and arrested over 100 suspects since the January 6 riot.

This includes Arkansas native Richard Barnett who was charged with unlawfully entering the US Capitol, disorderly conduct, and theft of public property. Initially, Barnett won permission from Arkansas-based U.S. magistrate judge Erin Weidemann to return home and await trial for his charges on house arrest with “very, very restrictive conditions,” but U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell would later block the release. However, before Judge Howell could overturn the ruling, Meek Mill took to Instagram to share his disappointment with the initial decision.

The rapper shared a screenshot of a tweet from Politico that announced Judge Weidemann’s initial decision to Instagram with a lengthy caption. “My whole race in jail for tryna protect themselves or some petty drugs! We living in the middle of a silent war! You can run in the state capitol and get house arrest?” Meek questioned. “Just pay attention to that part …ain’t no protest that can fix that! We have no protection in the system as black folks and it’s not no telling what’s next!!!! Didn’t people die in that sh*t ….we would of had conspiracy to terrorism or something they made up.”

Meek is not wrong, those terrorist were treated with kid gloves on the day of the attack and even with their arrest they are getting treatment that no one else would.

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