Meek Mill Denied a New Trial By Judge Brinkley

Meek Mill will NOT be given a new trial.

Judge Genece Brinkley shut down his motion.

via TMZ:

Brinkley made her stunning ruling Monday, saying, “After an in-depth review of the record, court history, notes of testimony, and evidence submitted at the evidentiary hearing, this court hereby denies defendant’s petition for PCRA relief as defendant failed to meet his burden of proof.”

It’s shocking because even the D.A. repeatedly stated Meek deserved a new trial due to the fact his arresting officer — the sole witness in Meek’s 2008 trial — is at the center of a massive Philadelphia police corruption scandal.

In her ruling, the judge basically dismisses the notion the cop who arrested Meek, Officer Graham, is really dirty because the fellow officer who fingered him isn’t credible. In other words, Graham can’t be dirty because another dirty cop said he is. She also dismisses the fact Graham failed a polygraph test about pocketing money.

Judge Brinkley added … even IF you believe Graham was a dirty cop, she believes it would NOT have changed the jury’s guilty verdict in 2008.

You’ll recall … the PA Supreme Court released Meek on bail back in April, from his 2-4 year prison sentence, pending the hearing for a new trial.

If nothing else, Brinkley’s been consistent, but it’s a no-brainer — Meek’s team will appeal this latest ruling.


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