Matt Lauer Won't Be Getting Paid Past His Last Day of Work

Matt Lauer and his attorneys THOUGHT he’d be able to finesse an additional $30 million payout based on his contract after getting fired from NBC due to sexual assault allegations — but they were wrong.

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim ruled Friday that he won’t be getting paid for a day past the last one he actually worked.


Even though his contract did have a payout provision, in this case it doesn’t apply because Matt was fired ‘for cause’ as a result of his own sexual misconduct in the workplace.


“Noah told the group there would be no negotiations for a payout to Matt. He said he had no knowledge of these events (the allegations against Lauer) or any other ones like them. Noah did admit he knew of rumors of infidelity, but Matt had always strongly denied them.”

We’re sure Matt’s money is still stacked, but it’s nice to know he won’t be getting a $30 million lump sum for getting caught being a pervert.

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