Mathew Knowles Will Teach You How to be Beyoncé for $199


Mathew Knowles is holding a boot camp for aspiring artists that will help teach YOU how to reach your inner Beyoncé — for one easy payment of $199, or $299 if you’re ballin’.

via TMZ:

THE SELL: A one day boot camp for industry hopefuls. Mathew’s successful entertainment pals — no, not her — will be front and center with helpful hints.  

TARGET AUDIENCE: Aspiring singers, dancers, composers, writers, producers, managers, publicists, attorneys and anyone else with loose cash.

PRICE: General admin is only $199, but for $299 you get the VIP package — a private lunch and a photo op with Mr. Knowles.

WHEN/WHERE: October 24th in Houston @ 9 AM

Do you think you have what it takes?

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