Mathew Knowles Says He Surprised Beyoncé and Tina Backstage During 'OTR II' [Video]

Mathew Knowles says he caught ex-wife Tina and Beyoncé completely off guard at her final tour stop.

via TMZ:

Mathew explains how he managed to sweep Beyonce off her feet outside her dressing room in Seattle last weekend. It’s a sweet story complete with a dozen roses and a special father-daughter moment. 

Mathew, Tina and Bey spent time together earlier during the On The Run II tour when it stopped in their hometown of Houston — but they kept that quiet, meaning no social media.

Mathew wanted to do something special for the last night, and this time Beyonce decided to share the cute family moment. Her parents divorced in 2011, but Mathew insists there’s never been a rift with Tina.

Check out the video below.

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