Mary J Blige's Husband Is Trying to Get Their Prenup Thrown Out


Mary J. Blige is having to defend her prenup against soon-to-be ex husband Kendu Isaacs.

He wants it thrown out.

via TMZ:

The singer’s lawyer, Gary Fishbein, filed docs asking the judge to give her prenup the stamp of approval. She’s worried because the lawyer for Martin “Kendu” Isaacs has made sounds it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, calling it “immensely invalid, unenforceable and unconscionable.”

Mary says they drew up the prenup on December 5th, 2003 and got married 2 days later. She filed for divorce back in July and asked the judge to block Isaacs’ bid for spousal support.

It’s pretty simple — she says the prenup clearly lays out who gets what. If it’s thrown out … it’ll be an ugly mess.

What’s the point of agreeing prenup if one day you decide not to adhere to it?

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