Marvin Gaye's Son Is Mad Quincy Jones Revealed His Dad Had Sex with Marlon Brando, Denies It Ever Happened [Video]

Marvin Gaye’s son says his dad  would’ve laughed off Quincy Jones’ revelation he had sex with Marlon Brando.

We thought everyone was over this — but clearly Marvin Gaye III is still holding on.

via TMZ:

We spoke with Marvin Gaye III who told us he was really upset Quincy had decided to keep himself relevant by spreading rumors about his father’s sexual exploits, which Gaye’s son says are 100% false.

Gaye III thinks Jones’ bad memory got the better of him when he said in an interview, “Brando would “f*** anything. Anything! He’d f*** a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.” 

Quincy apologized later for his “wordvomit.” It’s interesting though … Pryor’s widow embraced Quincy’s claims.

Gaye’s son says his dad didn’t have anything against the gay community … it just wasn’t his thing.

How do you know, Marvin?

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