Marlo Hampton Says Kim Zolciak's 'Roach Nest' Comments Were Racist [Video]

Marlo Hampton has her own thoughts on Kim Zolciak saying NeNe Leakes lives in a ‘roach nest’ and that it’s 100% racist.

via TMZ:

We spoke to Marlo after Sunday’s ‘RHOA’ reunion show, where most of the cast ganged up on Zolciak for the “roach” comment. Marlo says, in the black community, roaches are synonymous with poverty and imply you’re living in the projects, which is a far cry from NeNe’s gorgeous Atlanta-area home … and Kim should’ve put two and two together. 

Kim vehemently denied she was being racist, and was caught on camera calling racism today “bulls**t” because of social media. She also said she felt attacked by five African-American women on the show.

Marlo says that’s the problem in the first place … Kim’s ignorance to her own racist comments, and that the reunion should’ve served as an eye-opener. Might be a little late for the schooling … Kim’s not coming back next season. 

We’ve already seen Kim’s apology, but everyone’s mind seems to be made up in thinking that Kim’s comments were out of line.

What do you think?

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