Marcia Grant, Mother Who Was Discriminated Against at Baltimore's Ouzo Bay Restaurant, Hires Civil Rights Attorney

The Black woman who was denied entry to a Baltimore restaurant because of her son’s attire is lawyering up.

via TMZ:

Marcia Grant and her spokesperson, Michelle Watts, tell TMZ … the restaurant, Ouzo Bay, has a well-established practice of discrimination, and an apology from the restaurant group rings hollow at this point and does nothing for Marcia and Dallas.

The way they see it … why would Marcia and her son, Dallas, accept an apology at this point? The restaurant wouldn’t allow him to sit down due to a dress code it very clearly — thanks to Marcia’s video — did NOT apply to a white child.

Watts tells us this was Dallas’ first bout with blatant discrimination, and it’s had a major impact on him … one his mother fears will change him forever.

We’re told the family has no plans to ever eat at an Atlas Restaurant Group property again, and Marcia’s retained civil rights attorney Donte Mills.

Watts says it’s obvious from the video … the only difference between Dallas and the white kid, who was allowed to dine at Ouzo, is their race. They were both wearing very similar clothing.

As for the restaurant manager who turned away Marcia and Dallas … Watts says his actions show how much people need to learn about the deep, lasting effects of racist acts.

The Atlas Restaurant Group says it fired 2 managers because of the incident, revised its dress code policy and will “continue to implement our diversity and inclusion training.”

Watts tells us no decision’s been made yet about a lawsuit, but that’s clearly on the table.

Sue them, sis. Get that settlement!

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