Marc Maron Asks Netflix for GLOW 'Wrap Up' Movie After Show's Cancelation [Photos + Video]

Star Betty Gilpin, meanwhile, reflects on “the best job I’ll ever have.”

Netflix shocked fans when it brought the hammer down on “GLOW” earlier this week, after filming for what would have been the final season had already begun.

Now, star Marc Maron is asking the streamer to let them give the show a proper ending — albeit a different one than originally planned.

On Monday, Netflix announced they wouldn’t be going forward with the fourth season because of COVID concerns, saying it was “especially challenging” to film the wrestling show safely. During an Instagram Live on Tuesday, Maron claimed Netflix “didn’t want to eat the cost of maintaining the sets” for the show while they waited for a time they could film safely.

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GLOW/Buster closer

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Speaking with fans, Maron admitted it “does not sound fun to be on a set right now” thanks to all the new coronavirus precautions — and said a few performers on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend “did not look comfortable” being there.

That being said, he added, “Okay, so you don’t want to do the show anymore, but let us make a movie, right? Let us wrap it up in a two-hour Netflix movie.”

“They had the whole season laid out, we know sort of where it’s going to go. Give the showrunners and the cast and the writers the opportunity to finish the story in a movie, right?” he continued. “That would be the best thing. Then it’s all fine.”

He told viewers to tweet at Netflix “that you’re upset” about the show’s cancelation, before saying he believed the shoot for a movie would take less time and remove some of the “financial pressures.”

He also teased that he “heard some of the ideas for me and Ruth,” adding, “I know some stuff and it was going to be good.”

Britney Young, Kate Nash, Britt Baron and Rebekka Johnson supported Maron’s pitch on Twitter.

Costar Betty Gilpin also reacted to the show’s end in an op-ed for Vanity Fair on Wednesday, saying she was “sad” about the cancelation and calling her gig on GLOW as “the best job I’ll ever have.”

Acknowledging the pandemic and the larger issues at hand in the world right now, she added, “Apparently numbers-wise GLOW really only appealed to men in kimonos and women in cat hair, who as far as I’m concerned are the beating heart of the arts and the reason to keep waking up.”

She went on the thank the cast and crew, told anyone needing a “break” from reality to watch the first three seasons and ended her message with a shoutout to costar Alison Brie.

“In a world with so much wickedness, I am so very grateful I got to spend three years in Oz. And in a real backhanded All About Eve move, in this metaphor I’m going to cast myself as Dorothy and Alison Brie as the Scarecrow. Because, of course,” she wrote. “I’m going to miss you most of all.”

“Going to miss this,” Brie captioned some cast photos on Monday, after the announcement was made. “Forever grateful to my GLOW family for changing my life forever.”

See more cast reactions below:

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GLOW has been cancelled. It sucks. For those of you that watched the show and supported it, thank you. I’ve never had so much fun on a job. One day I would be wearing an Elvis costume in a Malibu beach house, standing next to a drug-dealing robot, screaming out wrestling terms in a deranged banshee voice. And then the next day, I’d be on a closed set, acting in a sobering scene about the AIDS crisis and the taboos associated with homosexuality in the 80s. The tone of the show – its ability to swing from larger-than-life comedy to grounded character drama – is part of what made it so special. But the best thing about the show to me, is that when you watch it, you can see just how much fun we were all having. From the performances to the set pieces to the costumes to the hair and make-up to the brilliant writing, it was always So. Much. Fun. I love these actors, these writers, and this crew. I’m forever grateful for the 4 years I got to spend working alongside them. If you never got a chance to watch the show, I’d give it a shot. It’s worth your time. • #glow #aBashHowardProduction

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Glow is canceled. And I don’t know exactly where to begin processing this ending. We had such a banger for you this final season. I’m devastated we don’t get to share it and that I won’t get to experience this show again. So much hard work went into making such a special one-of-a-kind dream. Amidst the bizarro-devastating-wrestling-circus of life we are experiencing as reality, this show was the light. Access to the switchboard in the control room. Extremes of joy, pain, support and strength beyond words. Undeniably-intoxicatingly fun. And an imagined world full of hope and literal glitter. The show is so meta and so important to me it breaks my heart and blows my mind. My head is still off my shoulders, but I know that I’m better off because of Glow. Forever saluting our Lycra badges of honor.

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Glow is cancelled due to COVID. Still processing and don’t have all the words yet – what a year. All I know is that our final season was going to be amazing, filled with storylines that would challenge, uplift, and open hearts and minds. It would have hopefully brought us together, which is what the world needs right now. Definitely sad that we won’t get to share this closure with you! Glow made me believe that there really can be a place in the world for everyone, including our crazy misfit of characters. Glitter, spandex and sisterhood will always keep us together and make us stronger, forever! Thank you to all the fans for supporting us. Wear a mask! And please vote! #saveglow #wearamask #vote2020

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