Marc Anthony's Capsized Yacht Cleanup to Cost $300,000

Marc Anthony’s scorched yacht has become a danger to Miami’s coastal waters — so the federal government’s stepping in to assist with the cleanup.

As exclusively reported, Marc’s $7 million yacht, the Andiamo, burst into flames Wednesday night in a Miami marina.

via TMZ:

The U.S. Coast Guard tells TMZ … the government is dipping into something called the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to pay for the divers. We’re told they’re inspecting¬†the wreckage to figure out the best way to clear the engines and tanks.

After the fuel clean up, another company will tow Marc’s baby to dry dock where investigators can determine what caused the fire. Officials estimate the job will cost about $300,000 — that’s how much they pulled from the fund.

Now, before ya fire off an angry email to Congress … the feds only front that $300k.

We’re told the government will seek reimbursement from Marc, or more likely, his insurance company, once the job is done. So, if you need to know … taxpayers will NOT be paying to raise his yacht.

We wonder what happened…

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