Man Swinging a Bat Shot and Killed By Police in Bay Area Walmart, Officers Claim Tasers Used First [Video]

A man swinging a baseball bat in a Bay Area Walmart was shot and killed by police officers who claim they fired tasers before drawing their guns, but video of the altercation is drawing questions.

via TMZ:

The scene played out Saturday at a Walmart in San Leandro, just outside of Oakland and Alameda — where cops were summoned after some guy started swinging a bat at people near the front entrance. When they arrived, they encountered him — and it was all on film.

Check out the clip, which shows the moments leading up to the guy getting shot. He is, in fact, approaching the two officers with the metal bat — and eventually, you hear a shot of some sort go off from the weapons they have drawn, which cops say were tasers at first.

The dude drops the bat and stumbles back, away from the officers. They follow him and you hear another shot, which makes the guy drop to the floor face first. You hear people freaking out after the second shot goes off, with someone screaming “No more!”

Eventually, as the cops approach the man’s limp body, a third shot goes off, which causes people to scream even more. All the shots sound similar — hard to tell which was the gunshot.

As for how the San Leandro Police Department is explaining the sequence of events, they say both officers deployed their tasers unsuccessfully, and finally … one of them used their gun. If that’s true, that would mean the first two shots were tasers here, and one of the cops shot the dude with a gun when he was on the ground … and no longer an active threat.

It’s unclear if the SLPD has seen the video, but fact is … it doesn’t look good.

Watch the footage below.

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