Man Sues Production Company for $1 Million, Claims Janet Jackson's 'No Sleeep' Video Shoot Damaged His Home

The production company responsible for producing Janet Jackson’s “No Sleeep” music video is being sued for over a million dollars. A man claims the shoot caused extensive damage to his home.

via TMZ:

David Tate claims a music vid production company, Zanmi Films, used his house in July 2015 to film Jackson’s vid, and agreed to cover any damages they might cause. After shooting the vid, Tate claims he noticed extensive damage to his floors and walls caused by the production crew.

According to the docs … he had to fork over the money for repairs and also move out of his crib for 14 days, but hasn’t been compensated for his troubles.

He’s asking for over a million dollars in damages.

Janet Jackson didn’t do anything but tip toe around the house and have seats for that entire video, so it’s hard to envision the production company causing THAT much damage — but you never know.

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