Man Arrested After Driving Through Louisiana Target and Planting Fake Explosives [Video]

Customers inside a Louisiana Target store witnessed a terrifying event as a man intentionally drove his car straight through the store — all while streaming the incident on Facebook Live.

via TMZ:

It all went down in Hammond, Louisiana Friday where cops say Walter Allbritton III used his SUV to plow through the front doors of the store before crashing into a register. A man recording the crash immediately ran through the Target warning other customers to run and get out.

Allbritton went live on Facebook to record the crash and allegedly dropped a fake explosive device in the store once his vehicle stopped.

The incident triggered a massive police response and after arresting Allbritton, cops allegedly found fake explosive devices at multiple other scenes around the area.

He’s been hit with a ton of charges including terrorism, attempted aggravated arson, aggravated assault with a vehicle and manufacturing and possession of a delayed action incendiary device.

Cops say one person suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Watch the videos below — thank God the explosives were fake.

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