Magic Johnson Talks Supporting His Gay Son, Closeted Athletes & More [Video]

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Magic Johnson has never spoken about being the parent of a gay son until now. He spoke candidly with TMZ about the recent media attention his son Earvin Johnson III received after coming out publicly in the media.

How Magic went to his son around the age of 13 and asked, “Are you gay?” Magic explains why he felt the need to approach his kid and the importance of letting EJ know his whole family loved and supported him. 

We’ve known for a long, long time that my son EJ was gay. It’s interesting when you’re his parent and we finally had to sit down and talk about it. I told him, ‘Look, I’m going to love you regardless. Just let me know are you or aren’t you gay?’ and finally he just said, ‘Yes, I am.’ [I had to ask him] because he wasn’t going to come to me with it. And so I think Cookie and I just said, ‘You know we should just sit him down’ because also we wanted to protect him too and so I just took him through the birds and the bees talk and made sure he protects himself and protects his partner. [I also asked him], ‘What do you think your friends and other people are going to think and say once you tell them? Have you told anybody?’ At that time we hadn’t really discussed it with anybody but his two closest friends. He had to have been about 12 or 13 years old or 14 years old. I think it was a hard conversation only because he was so young and what do you tell him at that age? And what do you say to him? But other than that I told him ‘Hey! We are here to support you. We’re going to love you no matter who you are or what you do. We just want you to love yourself.’

Get into these other two clips where he talks about athletes coming out and anti-gay haters.

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