MAGA Caravan of Trump Supporters Arrives in Portland, Violence Leaves One Dead [Video]

A man was shot and killed Saturday night in Portland as hundreds of Trump supporters drove into the city — with some with reported police escorts — to incite violence against Black Lives Matter protesters.

via TMZ:

The MAGA procession drew around 600 vehicles as they drove in late Saturday … some of them armed. It didn’t take long before clashes between the 2 groups erupted.

You hear shots ring out in the video and police find a man on the street who was hit. He was pronounced dead. There are reports the man was wearing a hat that read “Patriot Prayer” … the moniker of a far, right-wing group that has made its presence known before on the streets of Portland.

It’s unclear if police identified the person who fired the shots.

For his part, Donald Trump could not have been happier a caravan of his supporters were rolling into Portland. Hours after the violence, he tweeted, “Great patriots.”

In addition to the fatal shooting, some MAGA supporters were shooting pepper spray and paintballs at BLM protesters.

And, this is frightening … organizers described the event as “concealed carry.” Nevertheless, some of the MAGA supporters were openly displaying weapons.

We hate to say it, but if protesters keep getting shot and abused then it’s only a matter of time before they stop protesting injustice and start fighting back.

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