You Mad? Florida Walmart Shopper Shoves His Way Into the Store After Being Told to Wear a Mask [Video]

For whatever reason, white people do NOT like wearing masks in public places.

One man, in Florida, was recorded shoving his way into the store after being turned away for being maskless.

via TMZ:

This wild scene went down Saturday in Orlando, and it starts off right in the thick of the action. An elderly man tries storming his way into a Walmart without a face covering — but gets stopped by an employee at the front door. That wasn’t gonna stop gramps here though.

He immediately got physical and started pushing his way through — even shoving the masked employee out of his way … to some success, at first. The guy did get by him — after taking a tumble during the struggle — and then started heading for some aisles. But, this Walmart employee (of the year?) caught up to him and held his ground … give him a raise!

On the second go, he had backup with him — just a regular Joe, it seems — who chimed in and told the guy to get the hell out. He also noted the dude was getting his germs all over the place by making such a big fuss — meanwhile, almost everyone else had coverage.

It seems the two-man press was enough for the old-timer to call it quits and scram, empty-handed at that. Guess he’ll have to wait to get his weekly batch of $5 DVDs … too bad.

Anyway, the whole time you can hear the cameraman laughing it up — and while we’ll admit it’s pretty funny watching this absurdity unfold … it’s also pretty jarring and surreal.

People just do not wanna play by the rules, even if the public’s health is at stake.

Watch the clip below.

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