Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Fan Asking For a Date: 'I'm Locked In Already' [Video]

Appearing to refer to girlfriend Megan Fox, the rapper also said, “I’m only sucking one pair of toes.”

Machine Gun Kelly got candid with his fans on Friday and in doing so, he appeared to dish on his relationship with new girlfriend, Megan Fox.

During the latest episode of “Thirst Tweets” by Buzzfeed Celebs, the rapper reacted to social media posts gushing over him, as one user wrote, “I just wanna let you know am free this sunday to go on a date just let me know if ur free sunday cause i am free and would like to take you on a date.”

Kelly — real name Colson Baker — replied, “I’m locked in already right now. No dates for me. Probably ever.”

Kelly and Fox were first spotted together in May, days before Fox’s now-estranged husband Brian Austin Green confirmed they had separated.

And in a recent social media post, Fox shared a picture of the new couple with the caption, “Achingly Beautiful Boy … My heart is yours.”

Now the pair seem to be stronger than ever, as Kelly had his heart set on one person during the tweet readings.

“I would let machine gun kelly suck my toes maybe,” read a fan’s musing with Kelly quickly responding, “Like I said, I’m only sucking one pair of toes.”

Other tweets complimented Kelly’s smile, laugh and myriad of tattoos.

One even read, “If machine gun kelly told me to break my own arm i 100% would,” which caused the Cleveland native to crack up.

After regaining his composure, he said, “I’m actually down with that mentality. I kind of like someone who is down to die for love.”

But the tweet that really sent the “Nerve” actor over the edge with laughter read, “life goal: let machine gun kelly spit on me, thank u for coming to my ted talk.”

“You’re funny, well said,” responded Kelly with a smile.

[via TooFab]

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