Luenell Says Her Daughter Is Back Home Quarantining With Her After Being Kicked Out for Not Following Guidelines [Video]

Luenell is finally welcoming her daughter back into her home after kicking her out over coronavirus concerns — but she has to follow the rules.

via TMZ:

The comedian and “A Star is Born” actress tells TMZ … her daughter, Da’Nelle Campbell, is living under her roof again, but she’s lost in-and-out privileges this time around.

Luenell sent Da’Nelle packing last month to go quarantine solo … at her own home. She told us she didn’t feel safe because Da’Nelle was bringing friends around her. Luenell’s 61, so she’s right to be wary of COVID-19 and you never know who is a silent carrier.

It’s funny … Luenell says her daughter only came back because she needed to do laundry, but now she’s there to stay. Kids, right?!?

Speaking of laundry, Luenell has some sage advice for parents who feel like they need to screen their kids … strip at the door, and wash up!!!

Luenell also tells us about the extreme precautions she’s taking with her other helper … and if she actually wants her daughter back in the fold.

Luenell definitely isn’t the only parent having to put their own health first when dealing with children who refuse to follow the social distancing guidelines.

Watch the video below.

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