Lizzo Shared Another Self-Empowering Post To Keep Flexing On The ‘Rumors’ Haters [Photo]

Lizzo shared four selfies on Twitter, Saturday, to remind herself that she’s “the finest b*tch in the universe.” The post comes in the wake of the “Good as Hell” singer receiving hateful messages on social media, earlier this month.

via: Uproxx

For Lizzo, simply existing as a successful artist in the music industry is an act of self-empowerment. While strides have been made of late to stop the historic, disgusting fatphobia that’s permeated American culture — especially in the entertainment world — there’s still a long way to go. And never was that more clear than when this singing, rapping superstar made it big. As a Black woman in America, Lizzo is already held to an excruciating double standard, and as a woman of size, she’s constantly berated by those who think it’s their right to police her body.

But despite all this, she still remains positive, gracious, and keeps pushing against stereotypes, even if the release of her latest single, “Rumors” led to a deluge of hateful comments, she’s got people like Cardi B and T.I. in her corner, and she’s made it clear that no matter how hard the haters flex their muscles, she’s only going to emerge stronger.

“Just reminding myself that I’m the finest b*tch in the universe and can’t nobody convince me otherwise not even myself,” she wrote on Twitter today, along with a series of photos that confirm her caption a hundred times over. Keep shining Lizzo, the keyboard warriors have nothing on you.

You gotta love yourself.

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