Lizzo Is Looking For Women Who ‘Can Sing And Dance’ For The Upcoming Second Season Of ‘Watch Out For The Big Grrrls’

Lizzo is on the hunt, yet again, for Big Grrrls to add to her roster of background dancers. The casting call comes as she and Amazon Studios extend her first look deal from 2020.

via: Uproxx

It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more Lizzo on our screens in the near future. Following a recent extension of her first-look deal with Amazon Studios, Lizzo shared an audition casting call on her Twitter page for the second season of her Emmy-winning documentary series, Watch Out For The Big Grrrls.

During the first season of Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, Lizzo sought out a group of women to join her on what would later be her Special tour. According to the casting call, Lizzo is searching for women who can both dance and sing for the second season.

“I’m thrilled to continue this partnership with the Amazon team after an incredible experience on Season 1 of Watch Out for the Big Grrrls,” said Lizzo in a statement (per Variety). “I’ve witnessed lives change through this show and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue making space for even more Big Grrrls around the world to shine and break down barriers across this industry.”

Last week, Lizzo announced that her activewear brand, Yitty, is launching a line of gender-affirming shapewear, with binding tops and tucking thongs.

“You deserve to feel like you,” she said in a tweet. “You deserve to feel good in Your Skin.”

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