Lizzo Invited to Take Private Tour of President James Madison’s Montpelier Estate

If you thought people were mad about Lizzo playing former President James Madison’s flute, wait until they find out what she’s been invited to do next!

She’s now been invited to take a tour of his Montpelier estate.

via Complex:

A representative for the estate said the 34-year-old pop star has an open invitation to take a private tour following her performance at the Library of Congress last month. The rep told TMZ that they hope Lizzo will perform again if she does choose to visit. 

The estate is currently trying to bring the flute from the Library of Congress, and since there’s no recorded evidence that Madison played the instrument himself, it could potentially make Lizzo the first person to play the flute in the home.

Lizzo has yet to respond to the invite, but she appeared overjoyed to play the flute during her now viral performance last month. She’s currently in the middle of an extensive tour across North America, which is scheduled to wrap up in November. She’ll be touring across Europe starting in February next year, which would suggest there’s still potential room for her to visit the estate before the end of the year.

While the video of Lizzo playing the crystal flute was celebrated by many, the moment did spark some backlash among conservative pundits on Twitter. 

Despite the mild criticism, it would appear as though the late president’s estate simply doesn’t have an issue with it. 

Lizzo just keeps winning!

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