Lizzo Explains How The Body Positivity Movement Aims To ‘Dismantle A System That Oppresses Fat People’ [Video]

Lizzo is speaking out about the body-positivity movement, which she says has been “co-opted” from the people who started it.

via: Uproxx

Though Lizzo has been fairly inactive on her Twitter page over the last year, the singer has been using TikTok to connect with fans, give insight into her personal life, and use her platform to spread awareness about the body positivity movement. In the past, the singer has detailed how hateful comments have affected her body image and now, Lizzo shares what she believes is the real goal of the body positivity movement.

Lizzo explains how the body positivity movement isn’t just about body acceptance, but it also recognizes how some people can be discriminated against in healthcare and the workplace because of their size.

Responded to a user who asked their followers if they would “trade places with someone who was on the heavier side,” Lizzo expanded on the question:

“If I asked you right now, ‘Have you been shamed?’ Yes, you’ve been through a lot, yes, it sucks being a person in this society because we have to go through so much to love ourselves. But would you switch places with a fat person’s body tomorrow? You would not because you know there’s a whole system that oppresses fat people that you do not experience that you will never experience. So let’s remember body positivity. Yes, we want to end harassment and shame, but we also are working to dismantle a system that oppresses fat people.”


#stitch with @cocainecuban I remember fantasizing about waking up in a slim persons body.. it was exhausting.

? She Make It Clap – Soulja Boy Tell ’em

Following up on the explainer, Lizzo responded to a user who commented that he would, in fact, opt to trade bodies with a larger person so that he could “lose it all.” “Ain’t nobody asked you if you could lose weight or not,” Lizzo said. “First off, you’re a man. Second off, you’re genetically predisposed to be an athlete according to your f*cking name and your f*cking pic, so you have no idea how hard or how easy it is for any other body to do anything except for your f*cking body, the one you’ve been given. It’s not just about food and intake. It’s people like you that make people feel like sh*t for just existing, or sh*t for their genes.”

We just need to support people with all body types.

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