Too Little, Too Late? Mel B Wants Domestic Violence Case Sealed, Claims It's Harming Her Kids

Mel B is accusing estranged husband Stephen Belafonte of putting their business in the press and ignoring their children’s well-being, and now she wants her legal battle with him sealed from the public.

via TMZ:

Mel filed docs asking the court to seal her ongoing domestic violence case against Stephen Belafonte because it’s attracting so much media attention, it’s harming her kids. 

Mel says reporters and photographers are waiting whenever she drops off their daughter to visit Stephen, and suspects he’s alerting media to the visitation schedule. She says, “While [Stephen] may enjoy the media attention, the minor child of this marriage did not ask to be placed in the center of this mounting storm.”

Sources connected to Belafonte tell us he absolutely denies exploiting the case or giving the media a heads up.

In the docs, Mel also says testifying about the alleged abuse in open court would be “further abuse” against her.

A hearing’s set for next month for the judge to decide whether to seal the case.

The stories that are in the media already are pretty damaging — especially for kids. They should’ve had their court drama sealed a LONG time ago.

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