Get Into This! Bryan Safi & Erin Gibson Present 'Throwing Shade' [Podcast & Video Series]

Throwing Shade is a weekly comedy podcast centered around discussions of women’s rights, gay rights, and pop culture, hosted by actress and comedian Erin Gibson and Emmy award-winning performer Bryan Safi.

After just a few minutes, it’s easy to see why Throwing Shade is on their 112th episode. After debuting the podcast in November of 2011, they’ve since joined the Maximum Fun podcast network and recently earned the People’s Choice Award for Best GLBT Podcast.

In July of 2013, Throwing Shade Funny or Die started posting a video version of the podcast. (Gibson and Safi also write for FoD.) It’s a condensed version of the regular podcast, which makes it perfect for quick lunchtime viewing/listening.

New episodes of Throwing Shade pop up Wednesdays on Funny or Die. To download the full podcast or get tickets to live events, head to

Be sure to ‘Like’ Throwing Shade’s official Facebook page. You can also follow Bryan and Erin on Twitter!

About Erin Gibson:

You might know Erin Gibson as the writer and host of Current TV’s “Modern Lady”, a weekly comedic look at how women are portrayed by the media. Because of the success of “Modern Lady”, Erin is a sought after speaker on topics like gender issues in media and how to use satire to inspire change. 

As an actress and comedian, she’s  appeared on “Chelsea Lately”, 
“Parks and Rec”, HBO’s “Funny or Die”, “The Aisha Tyler Show”,  
“King of Queens”, and web series for Comedy Central, The WB, and NBC’s “Community”. You can see Erin and writing/performing partner Bryan Safi as Michele and Marcus Bachmann for Funny or Die or as Becky Lake and Brock-Cody Stewart-Thomas  in their monthly satirical entertainment show “Entertainment Hollywood” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Huffington Post Comedy named her Twitter one of the top female feeds to follow.

About Bryan Safi:

Bryan Safi is an Emmy Award-winning writer and performer living in Los Angeles. He is the writer and host of  “That’s Gay,” a segment that looks at gay issues and stereotypes and how they’re portrayed by the clueless media.  Safi and the segment were included in Out Magazine’s  “Out 100” – their collection of the 100 gay men, women and transgender people who made it a year to remember – and “That’s Gay” was also a 2010 Webby honoree. The segment is also regularly featured on the front pages of The Huffington Post, Andrew Sullivan, Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth on E!, and Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch.

In addition to infoMania, Bryan‘s written for Joan Rivers, was a staff writer at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, for which he won an Emmy Award, and a staff writer for the comedy website “Funny or Die,” creating web series’ for Will Ferrell, Jack McBrayer and Richard Jenkins. He’s also a blogger for The Huffington Post and regularly performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Note: Some might take issue with people appropriating the term “throwing shade” as it’s been such a staple of Black gay culture since it’s inception, but as with all things related to culture — it’s being used to inspire and influence others. Relax, have some fun!

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