LisaRaye Wants You to Know She's Not Colorist for Defending Racist Radio Host: 'My Grandbaby Is Brown-Skinned'

LisaRaye wants you to know she’s not a colorist.

She’s defending herself amid backlash after seemingly siding with fired radio DJ Rob Lederman who compared Black women’s skin to toast.

During an episode of her “Cocktails with Queens” podcast, LisaRaye said that Rob was entitled to his preference and that she thought people were “too sensitive.”

It just so happens that TMZ caught up with LisaRaye and she says that her comments got misinterpreted.

“I was commenting on his preference to Black women, that’s what I was talking about,” McCoy told the outlet. “You know, my grandbaby is brown-skinned, so by no means would I want my grandbaby to think her grandmother is a colorist.”

She continued:

“I know what my preference is, and I can’t stand by someone that doesn’t — that’s a racist — and I don’t know that about them. I can’t even comment on that, I don’t even know.”

Well, alright.

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