Lisa Rinna Takes Swipe at Lori Loughlin USC Admissions Scandal on RHOBH

Rinna’s daughter also opened up in detail about her decision to return home to California after a move to NYC after the episode aired.

Lisa Rinna just couldn’t resist a joke at Lori Loughlin’s expense on Wednesday’s new episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

During the new hour, Rinna met with daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin to talk about her future, after Amelia returned from her very brief move to New York City for college.

With her decision to move back to California, she expressed interest in going to USC instead, as Rinna asked her daughter what she’s done to prepare. “I have all my math requirements to get into USC,” said Amelia, “So if I get in, I won’t have to take another math class.”

“Good, because I’m not going to put you on a rowing machine and take a picture of you,” cracked Rinna. The joke was clearly a reference to Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli, who are accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters recruited to the college’s crew team — despite their complete lack of experience — and staging photos of them on rowing machines.

“That was the wrong thing to say,” Amelia told her mom. “I’m trying to get into USC here. Let’s not.”

“I’m joking, I would never ever do that!” exclaimed Rinna.

Speaking about Amelia’s decision to move home, Rinna said in a confessional that she could see her daughter “was in trouble” while living in NYC. “I think what was at stake for Amelia if she stayed in New York was her life,” she explained. “Would she become suicidal? Would she make a bad choice in a split second because of depression? You do not f–k around with that when you have a teenager.”

Amelia said she was “so much happier” being home, before going into detail about why she really returned on Instagram after the episode aired.

“Weeks leading up to my move to New York, thoughts of being away from my family, dog, and boyfriend sunk in, and deep down, I didn’t want to go at all,” she wrote. “I pushed through to challenge myself. During my time there, my living situation became unmanageably toxic and a dear friend of mine passed.”

“After months of trying to push through, I found myself isolating for days at a time, avoiding social events and not having an appetite,” she continued. “I did everything I could to avoid my feelings which severely impacted my mental health, and I became clinically depressed.”

“I’m so grateful that my parents recognized how unstable I was and that they lovingly encouraged me to come home,” she concluded. “I wasn’t suicidal, though I know that is what my mom feared the most. Sometimes it’s hard to accept what you are going through. But really, it’s okay not to be okay. I continue to work on myself every day and know how lucky I am to have such a strong support system.”

She ended her post by sharing the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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