Lionsgate Extends Wendy Williams' Contract Until 2022 |

Lionsgate Extends Wendy Williams’ Contract Until 2022

wendy williams

Wendy Williams is doing the damn thing.

It was announced this morning that Lionsgate, the entertainment company responsible for bringing us The Wendy Williams Show, has extended Wendy’s contract until 2022.

Deadline reports that while the show itself hasn’t been renewed as of yet, it continues to pull in strong ratings. The fact that Wendy and Lionsgate just entered a ‘personal services’ contract is a pretty good bet that Wendy’s show will also continue for another seven years.

In addition to The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy is also doing a show with Investigation Discovery, Death By Gossip with Wendy Williams which she executive produces and hosts.


Kudos to you, Wendy!

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